Jennifer Murray and Andrea DeFelice

January 9 - February 8, 2015

Badland image.jpg

Porter Contemporary presents BADLAND, an exhibition of works by Jennifer Murray and Andrea DeFelice from January 9 through February 8 with an opening reception with the artists on Friday, January 9 from 6 - 8 PM.

The literal landscapes span territories as varied as private peepholes, vacant public lots, barren deserts, and the ruined military landscapes of the West Bank, while figurative spatial representations appear in the scurrying of rodents, the anonymity of naked flesh, the secret lives of birds, and the vacant faces of dogs under military watch.

Through landscapes and more figurative representations of space, BADLAND engages with themes of manipulation, ownership, surveillance, secrecy, alteration/control of land, and animals as totemic symbols of the fabrication of human lives.

Murray’s work, which often uses animals to communicate her message, combines landscapes and figures often reflecting a juxtaposition between natural versus artificial. DeFelice  engages sight, sound, movement and space through mechanical creations and videos to depict boundaries, significance and uselessness.The artists works perfectly compliment each other exploring common issues of  the “proclaimed value”, surveillance and accessibility.

BADLAND will run through Sunday, February 8.