Carolina Rodriguez Baptista uses the human form as a central element of the creative speech, where figures with minimalist features express a wide range of thoughts and questions. Her sculptures contain a unique mix of volume and movement that, together with the use of patinas, provide her world with strong symbolism.

Each of her pieces is the result of multiple sources of inspiration, with the most important one being the complex world of women: maker of life, owner of the secret keys of wisdom and intuition, driving force of the pieces that move the game of life. While she has explored the feminine nature and the role of women in her art, she is also drawn to subjects such as love, eroticism, dreams, liberty and choices.

As a sculptor Carolina works primarily in bronze and uses gestures and perceived attitudes in her works of art that allow different interpretations to each viewer. She attended Parsons School of Design in New York where she began and developed her professional career. She has spent the last several years between Miami and Madrid where she currently has her art studio. Carolina has exhibited in Madrid, Paris, Barcelona, New York, Miami and Caracas, having obtained various prizes for the quality and originality of her works.