Eric van Straaten was born in the Dutch city of Leiden (Netherlands) and raised in Haarlem. During his career, he has found success as a photographer, musician, actor, journalist, entrepreneur, and sculptor in wax and resin. A few years ago, Van Straaten discovered 3D printing and decided to make his sculptures in this medium. According to van Straaten, there is a Dutch saying this kind of career: "12 trades, 13 accidents."

Van Straaten finds inspiration in the human form--and especially women. He prefers a depiction of the human form that has little distortion or distraction in the technique. He creates forms that are as close to reality as possible and that cultivate a feeling of alientation, which comes from playing with scale and scenary.  His subject matter is influenced by pop culture, youth culture in Japan, 1970s America, and Europe in the 80s and 90s.