Gen Duarte was born in Paraiba (in extreme northern Brazil) and moved to Sao Paulo when he was still a little boy. The city became the scenery of his artistic development which started in 1998. A self-taught painter and graffiti artist, his first contact with the graffiti world happened in the unhinged metropolis. His references were mostly the city walls, and some magazines circulating at the time. Part of the new graffiti network and possessing a very unique style, he creates beauty that is abstract and illustrative, always showing a predominant style. He uses creativity with the intention of bringing fantasy and imagination to his spectators. His characters are light and fun, with curves and details that harmonize with the physical space in question.

During his first years as a graffiti artist, his main focus was letters. Throughout the years he emerged and developed many different styles.  In recent times, he's worked on projects for big national brands such as Chilli Beans, 775 of Brazil, Ecomotion, Camaleon Bar, Army PR Agency, Abimad, Elma Chips, and Marche Stores among others.