Johanna Okovic Goodman received a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Moore College of Art and a Masters of Fine Arts at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Goodman studied with Leon Kelly, Will Barnett, Franklin Watkins and Hobson Pittman and was the recipient of the coveted Lewis J. Ware Traveling Fellowship.

Her work is influenced by her extensive travels in Europe, North Africa and the American West. She had the unusual experience of living with a Berber tribe in Morocco for a time. There she learned to trust her senses and nature. It enabled her to extract the essence of Spirit, of sky, mountains to and trust the process of the work itself.

Although painting is her main medium, Goodman is a multi-faceted artist. She is accomplished in sculpture, clay sculpture, furniture art, and installation assemblages. Her work has been featured on CNN and on WTF-TV in Philadelphia. Feature articles about her and her work have appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Washington Post, and the London Independent.