Natsuko Hattori was born and raised in Fukuoka, Japan. She a visual artist and sculptor. Hattori started her art training at 14 years old, studying drawing and painting at an artist atelier. She graduated from University of Tsukuba in 2010 with a Bachelor in Fine Arts. She is currently based in New York City.

Fabric is her medium of choice because people everywhere can relate more easily to this material which conveys warmth, natural softness and the intimate human touch. The act of wrapping is central to her sculptures. Her sculptures are created from balls that are individually wrapped with fabric and bounded together to make up an entire whole. Each ball represents the inner state of Mankind. The gesture of wrapping around each round ball, is an act of transformation that converts pain, sadness and despair into positive energy such as love or a prayer for comfort. Her work conveys a sense of happiness and celebrates the human spirit.

She has received many awards and grants including winning the Aoki Shigeru Memorial Grand Prix Award thrice, the Westside of Japan Art Exhibition Award, and Exhibition in FUKUOKA Award in Japan. She received the Merit Scholarship and the Red Dot award in The Art Students League’s Concours show in 2012. In New York, her works had been exhibited at numerous galleries and institutions, including The Wall Street Journal Building, the Consulate General of Japan, The ISE Cultural Foundation Gallery, and Berkeley College.