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November 4, 2016, "Women Artists Are Channeling The Magic Of The Feminine Occult" (Katarzyna Majak)

November 1, 2016, "The Graffiti Painter: Turning street art into true-to-life paintings" (Laura Shechter)

October 27, 2016, "Artists to show off work at ‘Jentel Presents’" (Jennifer Murray)

October 14, 2016, "Intra-mural: Nonprofit creates collaborations for youth, artists" (Jeff Huntington)

December 21, 2015, "The Jealous Curator: Lori Larusso"

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May 18, 2015, "Why Buying a Picasso is Like Investing in Uber (Almost)" by Jeremy Quittner, Inc. Magazine

April 22, 2015, "Jee Hwang," BOOOOOOOM!

February 14, 2015, "A Collection of Artists Fuse Reality With Illusion in 'Brushed With Reality" at Porter Contemporary," Progressive Pulse

December 26, 2014, "LEGAL, Brazilian Street Art by Nick Alive, Branco, Gen Duarte, Tikka and Vermelho," NYC Aesthetic

December 11, 2014, "Pink Thing of the Day: Soft Sculpture by Natsuko Hattori," The Worley Gig

May 20, 2014, "Interview With Jason Bryant," Music on Walls

May 20, 2014, "Don't Miss Jason Bryant's Stellar 'Letters From Home' at Porter Contemporary!," Art & Fashion Salon

April 21, 2014, "Letters From Home by Jason Bryant at Porter Contemporary," Arte Fuse

April 10, 2014, "Classic Film and Skateboard Graphics Merge to Create a Myriad of Emotions in Artist Jason Bryant's New Exhibition 'Letters From Home'," Progressive Pulse

February 24, 2014, "Unbelievable Artworks for Every Room in Your House" (featuring JaH-HaHa), She Knows

January 13, 2014, "New Exhibit, “Into the Void” fuses Masculine, Feminine, Abstract, 3-D, Sculpture and Painting to Create Balance for 2014," Progressive Pulse

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April 8, 2013, "Pablo Picasso, 40 Years Later," (video)


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January 3, 2013, "A Rolling Stone, Top Art Show for 2012," F.A.M.E NYC

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December 17, 2012, "Discussing Cored: An Exhibit of the Paintings of Catherine Tafur" by Ola Manana

December 1, 2012, "Political Artist, Catherine Tafur, Gets to the Core of Global Politics...", Progressive Pulse

September 30, 2012, "Mirror Mirror, Custom Nike Dunks by Jason Bryant," Paint or Thread

September 25, 2012, "Merging Icons," Old Hollywood Glamour

September 25, 2012, "Nike High Dunk, Oil Painted Custom 'Mirror Mirror' by Jason Bryant," Sneaker Celebs

September 14, 2012, "'Smoke & Mirrors' Exhibition by Jason Bryant Combines the Artist Love of Skateboarding and Classic Film,", Progressive Pulse

September 13, 2012, "Sometimes We're Trying to Balance Chaotic Moments or Raptures in Harmony--Jason Bryant's Smoke & Mirrors," by Kendrick Daye, art nouveau

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