Nick Alive is a Sao Paulo artist, who started his career in 1997. Back then, the city walls served as canvases for the training of his graffiti art. His search for growth never ceased and nowadays he divides his time between wall, canvas, paper and digital art. Graffiting is essential to him though and, in his eyes, the end result is always a collective effort. Nick is so directly influenced by pedestrians and fellow graffiti artists that he calls his work a selfless act.

Oil painting is the artist's mantra. The slow and ever evolving process of working with this specific paint forces Nick to slow down and relax. Additionally, his ink, pencil, and digital drawings are the base for most of his art. He finds himself within the lines of his sketches, he says.

Finally, his artistic activities express his spirituality and the search for inner peace. The patterns and symbols are always centered and the characters always androgynous, giving the spectator the freedom to identity with his artwork.