Roy Wiemann studied art at Florida International University before receiving his MFA in painting at the University of Miami. His first forays into painting were creating super-realist large-scale canvases, using airbrush techniques and various masks, which prepared him in his later visions combining acrylic paints and wooden panels.

During his life in Florida, his work was prolifically exhibited and lauded. Arriving in New York City after completing his masters, Roy enjoyed continued success for over 25 years. He recently has relocated his family and studio to Florida. 

Color and framing are two aspects that are most important in Wiemann’s work. Color allows him to illicit a strong visceral response from the viewers, and framing captures a way of presenting the work to the world via Wiemann’s vision—a seemingly rigid and composed structure guarding a maelstrom of ideas and emotions. Wiemann’s work is part of various corporate and museum collections including American Express, The New Yorker, the Guggenheim, the National Children's Museum, and the Smithsonian.