Tikka started practicing the art of graffiti in 2002 and soon fell in love with the endless possibilities of interaction between the city and its people's daily lives. Trademarks of her work include strong face expressions, body movements and characters' costumes, all with the purpose of involving and establishing a connection with the spectator.

Her work is intense and causes conflicting feelings common to human nature such as love and jealousy, innocence and hatred, joy and anger. The scenery is pure fantasy, full of colors and patterns. Without a precise technique, she plays with light and shadows creating an inviting and almost 3D effect.

The personality and adherence of her work brought her respect among new and experienced graffiti artists. Tikka's art is pure and characterizes freedom. This freedom gives spectators the change to play with feelings such as innocence, evil, malice, sensuality, amusement, anguish, happiness, etc. What Tikka puts on walls and canvases doesn't reflect her as a person but her work which is free, fun and serious at the same time.

Her many accomplishments include projects for big brand names such as Ellus, Spezzato, Credicard, Marie Claire, Morumbi Shopping Mall, and Oxford. She also participated in many prestigious graffiti events for instance the "1st Bienal Internacional de Graffiti Fine Art".  Finally, her work was exhibited in Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte ("1st Bienal Internacional de Graffiti", Quina Gallery and Espaco Colmeia), Brasilia (Expo "Recycling Concepts and Ideas" and "The Art of Kayapo Women"), Los Angeles (Carmichael Gallery), London (Edgeart), and Paris (Expo "400ml").